40%OFF in the second POPSICASE with the code REDUCECO2
POPSCIASE, the recycled iPhone case

Circular Economy in 3 steps!

Do not throw your POPSICASE away!

1. You send your POPSICASE to us

2. We send you a 25% OFF.

3. We recycle it again to make other POPSICASE


Learn more about POPCYCLING, the process that turns your old POPSICASE in a new one with a 25%OFF.

The case that

Yes! If you are not going to use POPSICASE any more, do not throw it away! Send it to us, and we will prepare your case to be recycled again. We will crash it and the resulting material will be mixed with our NET VIVA Material, made 100% from fishing nets, to make a new POPSICASE. It is a real Circular Economy example and we and we intend for everyone to focus on it.

And whenever we know you are sending us your old POPSI, we will send you a 25% discount code.

Circular economy example
Circular Economy Process for a phone case

How can you be part of the POPCYCLING process and recieve a 25% discount code?

circular economy take back

1.- Put your POPSICASE in an envelope and send it to us to this address

Rocafort 12 08015 Barcelona (Spain)

* The only expense you will have is the postage stamp. We hope to be able to give you an alternative delivery system soon.

25% off

2.- Send us a signal and we send you a code discount by e-mail

Do not wait until we recieve the old POPSICASE. Write to hola@popsicase.com sending a picture of your old POPSI inside the envelope, for example, and we will immediately send you back the 25% personal discount code to buy a new one.

recycling of phone cases

3.- We will transform your old POPSI in a new one

As you have seen in the video, we can crush your retired POPSICASE and mix the resulting material with the recycled one, made from fishing nets. It will be injected again on our moulds to make a new POPSICASE, giving rise to a real Circular Economy process ????.

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